create music that moves your listeners to chills.


A million moments + music theory + psychoacoustics = an AI that helps artists harness the power of frisson


Spine-tingling. Lit. Eargasm. Awe-inspiring. Fire.

Frisson - i.e. chills - is the sensation behind our most powerful and meaningful experiences with music.

We collected a million frisson moments from listeners all over the world, spanning every genre. Nine patterns kept showing up again and again.

9 Frisson-Inducing Acoustic Patterns

Man, I have been using some of these patterns, but blindly. This is going to help a lot of producers out there.
— Noe O. producer
I’ve noticed that as I listen to music now I’m able to recognize the different being used by other musicians.
— Ia E., composer

We used these nine patterns to train an AI that helps you create more peak experiences for listeners.

Screen Shot 2018-10-28 at 11.46.32 PM.png

qBrio is a test audience at your fingertips.



Our AI is trained on over a million annotations, from listeners all over the world, spanning every genre.


Unlike human test audiences, qBrio is instantaneous and never gets tired or distracted.


Music is about moments. See how likely each second of your music is to produce the frisson effect.


Create the money notes.


”At 2:08 I just have to stop and let the

chills roll down my spine

regardless of what I am doing."


       all over my body at 4:29 when she breaks into falsetto.  I love it so much!!!!!”

“Good god, all my

hair stands up

when I hear those first chords :) :) this is perfect!"

“I’ve listened hundreds of times since ‘84 and STILL get


every time! So powerful, musical perfection.”


“Between 4:00 and 4:30 is so unbelievably epic...

WHOA goosebumps.

What a masterpiece.”



“The outro is so damn good. The amount of CHILLS it gives me cannot be overstated.




“There’s a special place in heaven for the bass guitar player at 3:00.



“Holy god whoever is on trumpet that shit made my

spine TINGLE!

It felt like magic."