Tap into frisson potential to scout and create hits.

The world’s first AI that helps artists and A&R reps systematically harness the most important listener response to music.

Spine-tingling. Lit. Eargasm. Fire.

Frisson – i.e. chills and goosebumps – is the sensation behind our most powerful experiences with music.

 We collected 1 million frisson moments from listeners all over the world, spanning every genre.

“At 2:08 I just have to stop and let the

chills roll down my back

regardless of what I’m doing.”

“Between 4:00 and 4:30 is so unbelievably epic.

My goosebumps have goosebumps.

What a masterpiece.”

“When she breaks into falsetto at 4:29 I get


all over my body. I love it so much!!!!!!!!

“There’s a special place in heaven for that bass guitar player at 3:00.


So powerful.”

“Good god, when I hear those first chords all my 

neck hair stands up

 🙂 🙂 This is perfect!”

“The outro in this song is so damn good.


The amount of CHILLS it gives me cannot be overstated.”

“I’ve listened hundreds of times since ’84 and STILL get 

gooseflesh all over my thighs

every time! It’s perfection.”

“Holy god whoever is on trumpet that s**t made my 

spine tingle

right there at 1:01. It feels like magic. Whoa.”

Nine acoustic patterns kept showing up again and again across our listener data. So we trained an AI to identify and measure these patterns.

Our patented algorithm predicts the precise moments in recordings when audiences are most likely to experience the frisson response.

qBrio’s proprietary song ranking metric, which measures the total frisson potential in an audio file, correlates with Spotify streams.

Elite creators and executives have always used their exceptional intuition for frisson to craft hits.

Hit songwriting and producing is all about chasing chills. You know, those moments that make the hair on your arms standup.

Quincy Jones

Hits are all about the money notes that send a shiver down your spine and make you say damn, this is gonna be a #1 record.

Clive Davis

Now with qBrio any artist or scout can use frisson systematically.