Why We Built qBrio

It's hard to reliably create music that gives broad audiences chills, or frisson. Only a handful of artists pull it off consistently. So what do you do if you don't have the exceptional intuition of a Max Martin, Ester Dean, or Hans Zimmer? Listener feedback is critical.

If you're like most creators, you struggle to get fast, actionable feedback on your music. The first thing you probably do with a new song is ask your friends and family what they think, or upload it to Soundcloud and Youtube to see what commenters say. Then you revise and repeat. This approach has some thorny problems. None of your friends know for sure what broad audiences will like and it's often difficult to interpret their feedback. What does it mean if someone says they enjoyed your piece? What parts did they like? How did those parts make them feel? What can you change to make them enjoy it more? It’s also not always possible to get this feedback quickly. Your friends aren't always available. Your uploads don't always get views. 

That's why we built qBrio: to give you, the music creators, fast and dependable feedback that helps give the rest of us those transcendent sensations only music can provide.