“I regularly shout 'Yeeeesss' when a song gives me chills. Frisson is at the heart of my love of music. I want to help artists create more moments that make me whoop out loud (and scare my dog).”

Jonathan Gatto, qBrio Founder


Jonathan Gatto has played marimba and classical percussion since 3rd grade and continues to perform to this day. Throughout his musical experiences, from communal singing in Afghanistan, to castanet lessons in Spain, to orchestral performances in Eastern Europe, Argentina, and the US, Jonathan has witnessed the universality of great frisson moments. During his education at Harvard and Stanford, Jonathan performed original research and developed a lasting commitment to scientific rigor that he has applied to qBrio. And in his professional life, he has spent over a decade working at the forefront of machine learning and AI in San Francisco.


qBrio is a team of musicians, composers, and engineers from the US, South America, and Europe. What we all share in common is a passion with frisson. We’re the kind of people that spend weekend nights re-watching movie trailers just for the goosebumps. Our goal is to democratize frisson and make the techniques that produce it accessible to every composer, producer, DJ, music supervisor, and music lover out there, regardless of how much music theory you know, the quality of your production equipment, or your gig’s budget.

We are looking for additional music creators and engineers that are passionate about music to help us design and build new tools requested by our users.